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CIFF Mark speaks 212x300 Getting to Know Mark GormanBrief Q & A with Mark Gorman, Artistic Director, Actor and Teacher at South of Broadway Theatre.

Q: What most influences you as a theatre producer or actor:

A: When choosing a character or play I typically look at the story arc. What do the characters learn or “discover”, a term I like to use a lot. Where do they come from and where do they end up. The details, scope and range of that journey inform me on how well rounded and developed both the character and the plays are and the depths to which the journey must go.

Q: What things do you consider when choosing a season or casting a show:

IMG 2995 300x200 Getting to Know Mark Gorman

David Barr & Mark Gorman in Lone Star at South of Broadway 2012

A: When casting a show I first look for an actor who will make choices. What does an actor find interesting about the character? Next, can the actor “relate” to the people or world around them. Nothing turns me off faster than an actor “acting” in a bubble. Lastly, can I direct them? If I ask them to make a different choice, are they willing and able to do so.

Q: What was one of the greatest lessons you learned as an actor:

A: Always question. Questions are the pathways to discoveries. Terry Schrieber, the acting coach I studied with for over 10 years, would always ask questions during the scene work process. Even if you thought you knew the answer, the right question could open a whole new depth to be explored. Of course, honesty with yourself is key. Only you know if you’ve fully explored the question. At the end of the process, you may indeed discover your first answer was the more interesting. With that exploration you can dedicate yourself with confidence to those choices. The day I sit at the table for the first read through and have all the answers is the day I can no longer call myself an actor.

Q: What advice would you give actors today:

A: Continue to study. Never stop learning, whether it be in an acting class or in a production. Learn from it. Even the most mundane or ridiculous exercise can someday help you cross a particularly difficult hurdle.

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Mark the director 190x300 Getting to Know Mark Gorman

Mark Gorman on a Film set.

Mark Gorman is the Artistic Director of South of Broadway Theater Company and the President of The League of Charleston Theaters.  He relocated to Charleston in 2007.  During that time he has appeared in over ten plays around the city.  Mark has directed dozens of plays at several venues.  He held the position of Production manager for four years with Charleston International Film Festival.  He was the primary artistic visionary for two years with the Edgar Allen Poe “Back From the Grave” event at Fort Moultrie.  Mark currently teaches Acting at Trident Technical College.

Mark is a graduate of Radford University with a BFA in Acting and also a graduate of The National Theatre Institute.  Mark spent nearly 16 years in New York City.  While in New York, he acted in dozens of plays and worked with companies such as Signature Theater Company, Circle Repertory Company and many others.  Mark acted in multiple productions under the leadership of Broadway Directors Terry Schreiber, Jacques Levy and Michael Kahn.  Mark also acted with a troupe that worked with Professional athletes to train them to face life situations.  He worked with new playwrights, helping them develop their characters. Many of these new plays went on to be fully produced.

While in NY. Mark also worked in multiple capacities behind the scenes.  He produced and directed several plays. He held the position of Technical Director at the T.Schreiber Studios, where he worked closely with and built several sets designed by Broadway Designer Hal Tine.  Mark spent six seasons as the assistant production manager with JKLD during the famous New York Fashion Week.  JKLD was the lighting design company in charge of the lighting design for New York’s “Fashion Week” both under the tents at 42nd St. and at several venues outside of the tents including shows for Sean Jean, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Mark Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez.  Mark worked on crews at theaters such as Roundabout Theater, Edison Theater, The Public Theater and Shakespeare in the Park as well as many more.

Outside of New York, Mark served as the Technical Director at French Woods Festival of Performing arts, at the time the world’s largest performing arts camp.  Mark was responsible for overseeing the design, build, run and strike of over 20 plays and musicals in two venues with an international staff of 16.  He was the Head Carpenter and Running crew chief for Nevada Dance Theatre’s “Las Vegas Suite” produced by Steve Wynn with a set budget of over $200,000.  He served as Head Carpenter with Nevada Opera on their productions of Carmen and LaTraviata.  At Radford University, Mark became one of the few students to carry the title of Head Carpenter and Lead Actor in the same production.  Mark did it twice.  He also became one the youngest inductees into Alpha Psi Omega, the National Honorary Theatre Fraternity.


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