Landscape is dirty and dangerous

Landscape Poster Landscape is dirty and dangerous

Landscape of the Body by John Guare

NYC 1977 was described as dirty, dangerous and destitute. The streets were filled with teen gangs, drugs, prostitution, and crime. Graffiti was a plague. Clubs and music changed from the craze of Disco Fever to the discord of punk and the culture of hip hop.  There were mass layoffs within the city stimulating crime, exemplified by looting in the Blackout of ‘77.  A skin industry emerged from a torrent of sexuality into the Golden Age of Porn.

John Guare takes us there in Landscape of the Body. Dreams and memories mingle, revealing deep earnings to live bigger lives and the soul crushing fears that turn us to violence.  A boy is murdered, decapitated, dumped into the river. His mother the suspect.

Kristen Kos directs this play at South of Broadway Theatre. “It’s human nature…the wanting. Wanting sustenance, to achieve a dream, or be someone remarkable.  Generally speaking we, the “plugged in,” are paralyzed in monotony and even mediocrity by a dulled screen to screen existence.  But theatre, this show, aims to drag us out of it.”

Landscape of the Body draws us in with invention, music, storytelling that illuminate the yearning we all know, it keeps us present with the fear of danger, of violence, and if all goes well… John Guare frees us in the end, as we reflect on a youthful exchange between sisters.

Mature Content. Strong Language, sexuality, violence.

NewsweekThere is more invention, more feeling in Landscape than in any two plays by most writers.”


Landscape of the Body
Written by John Guare
Directed by Kristen Kos

Cast: Ian Bonner, Steven Cardinal, Megan Fife, Daniel Hall Kuhn, Phyllis Jackson, Krissy McKown, Hailey Nies, Brennen Reeves, Greg Tompkins, and Brian Turner

South of Broadway Theatre: 1080 E. Montague Ave. Park Circle. 843-745-0317  or HERE for $20 tickets

March 3-5, 10-12, 14, 17-19 at 7:30pm March 6 & 13 at 3pm.

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