Lizzie Mears on What the Butler Saw

1 pp Lizzie Mears on What the Butler Saw

An interview with actor, Lizzie Mears, who plays Geraldine Barclay in What the Butler Saw opening Thursday, October 19th at South of Broadway. You will love her in this daring farce.

Q: You’ve said this is your favorite play? Why is that?

Lizzie: When I was in college studying theatre, What The Butler Saw was on a list of “must reads” for theatre students. I chose What the Butler Saw for my senior directing project and I fell in love with the quick wit of playwright Joe Orton and the story behind his life! The play is wildly funny and has that 60’s humor that makes me think of the Carol Burnett Show, but mixed with BBC! Can’t go wrong there.

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges in a Farce?

Lizzie: The biggest challenge with farce is the timing!! Farce requires those quick back and forth exchanges with perfectly timed pauses to get those laughs! It’s very tough and you need a great cast to play off of— which we definitely have in this show!

Q: What is the best part about a Farce?

Lizzie: The best part about a Farce is that the audience just never knows what will happen next! The story lines in a farce could go anywhere! Nothing is off limits.

Q:   What is your acting background?

Lizzie: I started performing on stage when I was in kindergarten, doing school plays and community theatre, then I went on to studying theatre in college. I had the opportunity to travel with a theatre troupe to Scotland to perform in the largest arts festival in the world. I have been working toward doing film and TV as well, which has been a totally different acting style to learn, but I love the challenge!

Q: You have a bit of a Horror Film following, how did that come to be?
Lizzie: I met my agent, Linda [Eisen] when she was directing a play at SOBTC! I was really nervous to ask her if she might consider me as a client but I mustered up the courage one day and I got in with Coastal Talent. She set up an audition for this indie horror film that was a sequel to a 90’s horror film that had a following. I went to the audition in Columbia and got the part of this horribly mean girl!! I quickly became great friends with the cast and the filmmakers. The movie, Dollface, got distribution and we did a festival and convention tour which was a lot of fun! Then the same filmmaker, Tommy Faircloth and producer Robert Zobel cast me in another feature length horror, Family Possessions as another mean girl! This movie has been touring the US at festivals as well and we recently found out it is getting distributed in 2018 and will be appearing in theaters internationally soon! So that has been a lot of fun, and I never expected to be involved in horror at all! But I have a new appreciation for horror films and independent films! 
Q: Where are you from? How long have you been here?  Why Charleston?
Lizzie: I was born in Charleston at Roper downtown.. My mom was born and raised in Charleston as well. My father was military so we moved to Maryland when I was little and I went to school there until I graduated college. I moved to Brooklyn for a little while and then moved back down to Charleston about 4 years ago! I feel at home here because my whole family lives here still! It’s a lot of fun seeing my younger cousins grow up!
Q:  Outside of Acting, do you hold any other job?
Lizzie: I am a waitress at Sesame Burgers and Beer! I enjoy working in a laid back, fun environment and serving up awesome food! Food and Beverage jobs are great for actors because you get to talk to all kinds of people and it has flexible hours so that you can still do whatever creative thing you fancy!
Q: What advice would you give audience members attending What the Butler Saw?
Lizzie:  My advice to audience members is to suspend your disbelief, sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip to the 1960’s!
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