Low Country Arts Day May 6th

Knowing when to Give and Take

lowcoartsdayslider Low Country Arts Day May 6thBy Teresa Errico

You know the saying that you’ve got to give a little to get a little? Well on Low Country Arts Day on May 6, that couldn’t be truer—especially for us! If you take the time to give just a little bit, South of Broadway Theatre Company can get a lot. That’s because we’re one of the lucky 30 nonprofit arts organizations chosen to be a recipient of the first-ever giving day right here in the lowcountry. Coordinated by the Coastal Community Foundation and in partnership with the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts, Low Country Arts Day is putting the call out to the community to support local arts organizations in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. And one of those organizations is our great Park Circle theater company!

This upcoming day of giving is a part of the nationwide effort, “Give Local America,” which was created to bring the entire country together to support non-profits in our own neighborhood—and what effort could hit more home to Charleston residents than the idea of giving and supporting local.  And we are so thankful to be a part of it because the day’s gifts will not only help sustain our theater, the shows and programs that the community benefits from, but it also has the potential to expand our audience, include more of the community, provide education elements and further support for our actors and designers.

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Why May 6 and not any of the other 364 days, you ask? Well we’d be more than happy if you gave any and every other day throughout the year, of course! But we are especially asking you to donate on May 6 because on that day, for 24 hours only, your gift will be amplified by anonymous donors who have given to CCF. That means, for whatever percentage of the day’s funds that we at SOBTC raise, we will receive that percentage of the more than $110,000 dollars donated to CCF for Low Country Arts Day. So the little bit you give, a $25 minimum donation or more, really does help us. It has the potential to possibly double.

You can help us prepare today though by spreading the word: tell your friends over lunch or a glass of wine, tag all the would be philanthropists on Facebook with a link to our page above, forward this article to your co-workers. And for one day make it your goal to support the arts, and to especially support South of Broadway Theatre Company!

Click here to support South of Broadway Theatre on May 6th! Any donation is appreciated. Thank you for supporting us!


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