Writers’ Workshop: Playback10

PLAYBACK10 is Second Sundays at Seven (SS7): South of Broadway’s writers’ workshop where playwrights get feedback on their work. Charleston playwrights are encouraged to submit their 10-minute play scripts and actors are encouraged to come and cold read the works.

Who: All are welcome: playwrights who want to develop their work, actors who want to practice their cold reading skills, and audience members who want to listen and give helpful feedback to the writers. Playback10 is FREE and open to everyone!

What: Playback10 or formally SS7 is a monthly playwrights’ workshop focusing on developing 10-minute plays. We do up to 7 scripts per workshop. Actors volunteer to cold read the script, and then feedback and discussion follows for another 7 minutes.

When: Starting at 7 pm (running to around 9 pm if we do 7 scripts), the second Sunday of the month. Upcoming dates: Feb. 12th, Mar. 12th.

Where: South of Broadway Theatre Company, 1080 E. Montague Ave., North Charleston.

Why: The goal is to help the writers develop and improve their work. For playwrights, hearing the words spoken out loud is an invaluable step towards improving the script.

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Info for Playwrights

Playwrights of all skill level are welcome! Whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just beginning to write for the stage, we’re sure you’ll get helpful input on your script.

Submissions: Writers are put on a list for reading on a first-come, first-serve basis. Email the following information no later than one week before the workshop to Moderator Erin Danly at danlyerin@yahoo.com :

  • Your name
  • The name of your play
  • Brief character descriptions (name, age, sex)

If there’s no space left for the workshop, you’ll be put on the list for the following one. You’ll be notified either way.

Bring enough copies for the actors and arrive 10 minutes early! We aren’t able to print out or make copies at the theatre, so you will need to bring your own. E.g., if your play has 5 characters, you’ll need 5 copies. Bring an extra copy if you want someone to read stage directions, too. It helps for each copy to have a different character’s name on it when assigning parts.

Use standard formatting for time. We are focusing on 10-minute plays, so make sure your script is just 10 minutes long. Remember that 10 pages doesn’t always equal 10 minutes, especially if it’s not in standard play format. (Standard play format is in 12-point Courier and if you don’t know how it should look, check this sample out.)

Info for Actors

There’s no prep for you – just show up 10 minutes early (6:50pm) and let the moderators know you’re willing to read. We need you! The writers get so much out of hearing skilled actors read their lines.

This is a great place to work on your cold reading skills and to meet other people in the Charleston theatre community. Please come and spread the word to other actors!

Info on PlayFest

PlayFest is South of Broadway’s yearly two-night event of 10 minute plays. The next one will be on May 5 and May 6, 2017.  In the past, many of the works in PlayFest were developed through the Second Sundays at Seven workshop, now called Playback10. Bringing your 10 minute plays to Playback isn’t a guarantee that your piece will be performed at PlayFest in May, but making the script better through the process definitely increases its chances of being included! More on PlayFest HERE

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