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Writing for Audio Drama

Do you have a script sitting in your top drawer just dying to see the light of day? Have you considered adapting it for audio?

Audio Drama is witnessing incredible growth in the US, to the point where Hollywood is taking notice. Audio fiction such as Tanis, The Bright Sessions, and Lore are getting the Hollywood treatment for television, while other podcasts are being given movie deals.

Writing for audio is different than for film or stage, though. When your audience only experiences your production through their ears, you must give up the visuals and embrace the audio.

This two hour workshop is led by Steven Cardinal, writer and producer of Aural Traditions – Charleston City Paper’s Best Local Podcast of 2017 – as well as Aural Traditions writer Douglas Clinton. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of designing a story for an audio-only medium that will grab the listener and not let go. We won’t be teaching 3-Act Structure or other basic writing concepts, this is for writers new to the audio medium but not new to writing. We’ll provide lecture, examples, and group exercises to help you bring your scripts to this challenging and exciting platform.

What: Writing for Audio Drama Workshop
When: Saturday, September 2nd at 1:00PM
Where: South of Broadway Theatre Company
1080 E. Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405


Note: We encourage you to bring a page or two of dialog of your own creation – no stage directions or setting details – which we will craft into an audio scene.

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