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stay flyer 300x187 Synopsis of STAY (Feb 22   March 10 )

“Leeanne and Mark got married in college. Twenty years later, their lives are truly tangled. Mark’s a radio reporter, passionate about his work and glad to let Leeanne take care of details. Leeanne is a compassionate eye surgeon specializing in cornea transplants.

Leeanne’s in for the long haul, but Mark is ready for a change. He’s found that change at work, with Sandra. Mark can’t face abandoning Leeanne – and can’t stop leaning on her. But Sandra is pregnant, and Mark is on deadline.

When Sandra’s out of town and Mark comes home to get the divorce papers signed, Leeanne tries to buy some time. Mark wakes up with his eyes bandaged, believing he’s had an accident. Leeanne takes care of Mark and calms his fears, hoping that he’ll see how much he needs her.

But when a fellow surgeon stops by, and then Sandra – Leeanne’s lies become more real. The glowing past, the thwarted future and a painful present tangle as Leeanne tries to stop time and Mark is forced to change in ways he never thought he’d have to.”

By Sheila Cowley

More about the playwright and her other works at

Mrs Cowley will be joining us for the production on Friday, February 23rd at 7:30pm and will be leading a professional development workshop on The Business of Playwrighting, Feb 25 at 10am
Tickets available HERE


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