Welcoming Abdiel, Esmar, and Andres!

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Welcoming Abdiel, Esmar and Andres Iriarte!

Happy New Year Iriarte Family Welcoming Abdiel, Esmar, and Andres!SOBTC musical director hails from Venezuela, but Abdiel Iriarte is making his niche in the Holy City. For South of Broadway theatre he has created two original scores, and countless arrangements for our musical reviews. He has made an imprint on Charleston being nominated for Outstanding Musical Director by Theatre Charleston (2015) appearing during TEDX Charleston with Gino Castillo and premiering in the Charleston Jazz Orchestra’s Holiday Concert (2016.) He keeps busy in between gigs teaching music.

What you may not know is Abdiel’s passion and dedication to play piano is also a dream for a better future for his family.  With the help of SOBTC founder and owner, Mary Gould, (and several dedicated sponsors including South of Broadway patrons) a plan was set in place to assist.

The journey started in 2015 when he was first hired by SOBTC. At that time he was travelling with aAb Es Welcoming Abdiel, Esmar, and Andres! tourist visa, and his wife and child were not given a visa to accompany him. In the ensuing 10 months Venezuela continued to disintegrate politically and economically causing constant fear for their health, safety and fear that the borders could be closed, potentially preventing Abdiel from seeing his family for years.

With hard work from Abdiel, the support of South of Broadway, other Charleston patrons, and friends in October of 2016 his wife, Esmar and 5 year old son, Andres arrived in Charleston with tears, great relief and deep rejoicing.  We couldn’t be happier to help bring this stellar artist and his family to Charleston.

As Abdiel, Esmar and Andres set up house in the low country, we would like to help them replace what they left behind in Venezuela. 

Please help us warm their home and welcome this beautiful family to the neighborhood.

Here is a link to a modest registry that has been set up.
I know they would welcome your kindness. 

 Welcoming Abdiel, Esmar, and Andres!

More about Abdiel Iriarte

Abdiel  was born in Valencia, Venezuela.  He began musical studies in 1995 at the Music School:  “Sebastian Echeverria Lozano” (EMSEL) in Valencia.  He studied classical piano with Nelly Badillo, Aura Marina Rios and Abraham Abreu at the Simón Bolívar University (Caracas).  He graduated with a Music Education Degree from the University of Carabobo in 2009.  He has been the Pianist for the “Coro Sinfonico National “Simon Bolivar” under the direction of Gustavo Dudamel, and has been accompanist for many other choral groups, vocal studios and solo artists both in Venezuela and abroad as well. In June-July 2013 I travel to the Republic of Belarus, by invitation of the Embassy of Venezuela in that country for a tour of recitals and concerts in conjunction with the Venezuelan tenor Sergio Marin to different cities like Minsk, Vitebsk and debuting as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Mogilev playing the Mozart Concerto No. 20. Abdiel enjoys great versatility in playing different genres with “University of Carabobo Jazz Band”, “University of Arturo Michelena Jazz Ensemble,” EMSEL Jazz, ROAD Jazz and between 2012 and 2013 he awarded two scholarships awarded by the Organization “Barquisimeto Jazz Festival” for workshops and seminars at the Conservatorio Souza Lima, Sao Paulo Brazil and the Popular Music Conservatory of Curitiba, Brazil.

Recently, in June 2014 was invited to participate as accompanist and Vocal Coach of “Summer in the City” program developed by the South of Broadway Theatre Company and held at the premises of the Julliard School NY-USA. While in NY it is commissioned to compose original music for the play “THE NANCE” premiered in Charleston, South Carolina-USA. He arrived in September 2014 to musically direct and play all performances at the The South of Broadway Theatre Company. His work was praised by critics and the press who described their music as “… drops of gold brought from Venezuela …” and “… faithful and unfailing spirit of the show in the America of the early 20th century …” also received a nomination for “Outstanding musical director” by the Theatre Charleston Awards 2015. During January 2016, was invited for the second time in the South of Broadway Theatre-Charleston as an arranger, pianist and musical director of the acclaimed Show “Tropical Nights” exalting the Latin American music from Argentine tango, Venezuelan tunes to opera Granados and Latin Jazz, bringing the Venezuelan flag to the Low-country.

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  1. Welcome Iriarte Family! Wishing all of you much happiness and success as you start your new life in the U.S. God bless!

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